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Hey there and welcome to my page! I'm Hanna Chapman and the work you will see here is all mine. You may know me from when I was a portrait photographer or may have been referred here looking for portraits, but as of 2023, I will be transitioning the business in a new direction. I will be doing wildlife, nature, creative photography, landscapes, etc.. While I have loved capturing moments in time for my wonderful portrait clients, I am very excited about this decision and I hope you will support me.  

Before we get into my background in photography, I'll tell you a little about me. I'm married and live on a mini farm in Kentucky. I love to be outside in the woods, hiking, fishing, hunting, with the animals, or in the garden. I love to read and my husband and I love to travel. We find ourselves scuba diving in the Caribbean at least once a year and traveling somewhere new every least we try to. We also love doing smaller weekend trips around our beautiful state. 

So back to photography!! I started in photography in high school, learning on black and white film in a dark room with the best photography/art teacher anyone could hope for. (Thank you Mrs. Carr)!! I'm fairly positive I spent 5 of my 7 classes my senior year in the art rooms or in the FFA room (Hi Mr. Clark)!!

For both of these teachers I am forever thankful!

My senior year (2001), I was hired to shoot my first wedding (Thanks Dr. Lavinder) and I guess that was the point I was a pro?? Lol!! From high school I went on to college receiving a bachelors in Art from Wilmington College in Ohio. I was able to intern at a photography studio while there that taught me so much and I also served as the photo editor for the college paper. I later went on to earn a Masters in Business Administration focused on Entrepreneurship from Ashland University. Through all of the college years I continued to build my photography business, learned new ways to edit, better shooting and posing techniques, while working full time as a 911 dispatcher. In 2017, I decided to take a huge leap of faith and left the job security that emergency services offers, moved to Kentucky, and made my business full time! I've built the portrait side of the business up and now I'm taking another leap and praying I grow wings on the way down. I have full faith that Jesus has a plan for me and I'm following him without question.

While I am slowly getting the website updated, you can find more work and prints for sale in the Etsy shop, JohnsonBranchPhoto. 

Please feel free to take a look around the site, visit my social media sites, shoot me a message on here, facebook, email, instagram....I've even been known to make a tiktok that is seen by a whopping 200 people. :D

 I'm happy to answer any questions you have! 

Thank you again for stopping by! I appreciate you,

Hanna :)

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